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Spiritual Healing Knows NO Boundaries

Spiritual healing is accepting all of yourself, flaws and all, and admitting that you need the help of a strong individual power many calls as GOD to heal your wounds. It is admitting to yourself that you can’t do anything if there’s no help from GOD. You are a finite being ayahuasca retreat. Your wisdom won’t suffice in solving life’s problems. You must surrender your all to this WISE being in order to start your healing. Spiritual healing is achievable. Regardless of your age, gender, or sexual orientation, you can be healed in all aspects of your life. The spiritual thought relies heavily on you believing that you will be healed. The results will depend on your FAITH in God that this HIGHER BEING alone can raise you up in the mire of helplessness.

Young or Old
Young people have all the energy in the world. Their naivety encourages them to experiment all joy-rides in life. They are more prone to spiritual discouragement because of this. Their experimentation leads them to destruction. Old people would then claim that young people are the only ones needing spiritual healing. This is wrong. It is true that old age gives you wisdom but you don’t claim that you know all. Learning is constant and so does spiritual recovery.

Gay or Straight
Spiritual recovery might be so concentrated on straight people nowadays. Take a quick tour around the Internet and you would sadly conclude that gay spiritual improvement is not thoroughly discussed. Gay people need to heal themselves too just like straight people. These people have hurts in life they need to surrender to the Almighty. One misconception though born of religious fanaticism that gay people must become straight to accept God’s healing is utter crap. Our God accepts you for who you are, sexual orientation is included.

Male or Female
Which is more favored to achieve spiritual improvement? Is it the men or the women? The answer is neither. Your gender is not vital to the spiritual path you want to achieve. The important factor in healing is really on your faith that everything will be alright – not your gender.

Spiritual healing is for EVERYBODY. It exceeds every human law there is. It starts with the recognition of one’s self, positive or negative. It continues with the will and perseverance to heal and improve self. It ends with you enjoying a content and full life – joyful amidst adversaries. Ask your spiritual guidance coach today on how to achieve this inner peace.